Internships and Relations with Companies

Students must spend at least 16 weeks in a company during their scholarship.


Internships Organization:

Internships are an important part of the program and are organized as follows :

  • 3rd Year : optionnal summer internship, but advised

  • 4th Year : 3-month mandatory training period from May to July

  • 5th Year : internship at the end of the program of at least 6 month, from February to August, in France or abroad, in a company or laboratory

In this way, engineering students can familiarize themselves with their future job and test their training through contact with the trade.


During the period of study, several conferences, called professional conferences, are organized with professionals in the biotechnology field, so that they present their activities, their cucciculum... And visits in companies are organized each year.

The department has privileged relations with several major groups in France. These relationships lead to internships, job offers, conferences, their presence in commitees of reflection (evolution of teaching for instance).