The Personal Project in Humanities is a personal reflection which should allow to return to an experience that the student has had or to explore a curiosity that inhabits it in non-technical domains. Indeed, an engineer cannot only be a scientific and technical expert. It must also be able to think methodically, rigorously and effectively on social, ethical, economic, geopolitical, personal, etc.

The PPH which was included in the establishment contract 95/98 is now taken into account by the juries for the award of the diploma as well as other incorporating and compulsory components of training such as the validation of scientific knowledge, Courses, language level, or final-year projects "(text adopted unanimously by the Board of Directors on 18 June 1998).

As part of a quality procedure initiated since the beginning of the 2000/2001 academic year, a commission for the validation of subjects was created to ascertain the personal nature of the PPH and the quality of the questioning carried out.

The PPH is a complementary exercise to the teaching of humanities which aims at learning communication methods, from knowledge to the human sciences to epistemology and management, but also to develop creativity in the student (theatrical conferences Social sciences).

These teachings have as a corollary a pedagogy that makes the student engineer an actor of his training (and not a passive consumer of a pre-digested knowledge). However, the PPH must be an individualized exercise.